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Scars was the first episode of Myst Online: Uru Live, which ran from May 19, 2007 to May 25, 2007.


May 19[edit]

  • The Relto page for the cannen appears in the Descent.
  • All neighborhood linking books to Eder Delin disappear.
  • The DRC announces a release party for Minkata to be held at Thursday, May 24 at 7pm Cavern Time. Rand Miller will be a guest.
  • Douglas Sharper visits the Uru Obsession neighborhood and tells explorers that he has set up a blind in Negilahn. He and Nick White will be putting out an urwin as bait to lure the predator.
  • Victor Laxman answers questions in a Beginner's Bevin. He said:
    • The DRC will be making an effort to communicate more with the explorers in pre-scheduled weeks every month.
    • The recalibration of the Great Zero is going well, and that repeated marker missions do help the calibration.
    • There has been some sort of 'seismic disturbance' in cavern.
    • The Gahreesen Wall has been delayed to an accident with a ResEng.
    • The bahro are making their way into every Age the DRC has access to and that they are changing their behavior.
  • Nick White visits several neighborhoods and exchanges angry words with Sydney Austin. He also mentions that he "took some things with him when he left".
  • Michael Engberg examines a new crack in the rock just outside of the Kahlo Pub. He asks people to be careful and report new cracks. After several loud bahro screams in the area, he sends out a KI message that asks explorers to stay away from the area.

May 20[edit]

  • The pith helmet appears in Eder Gira.
  • The DRC fix a KI machine in the Descent that causes the KI to emit light for a short period of time.
  • Explorers ignore Michael Engberg's warning and crowd in to see the crack near the Kahlo Pub.
  • Nick White visits the Guild of Greeters neighborhood before going to Negilahn in order to get some emotional support for the trip.
  • Wheely and a friend (Rose Taylor) go around collecting Great Zero markers.
  • Rumbles and bahro screeches are heard throughout Ae'gura and the DRC evacuates the city.
    • Bahro are sighted on the top of the library.
  • The crack outside of the Kahlo Pub fills up with rubble.
  • The DRC sends out a KI message stating that there was a collapse in the city and that the main instance of the city is closed. Neighborhood instances are unaffected.
  • DRC members turn off their KIs to focus on what Marie Sutherland calls "the recovery".
    • Nick White is told that Victor Laxman has managed to detect a weak KI signal, assumed to be Wheely.
    • Several explorers (such as vid) manage to link into the city in order to assist rescue efforts. They are removed by ResEngs.
  • Nick White asks people not to get into the city, out of respect for the rescue effort (and Michael Engberg), and the fact that multiple KI signals may disrupt the attempt to locate the Wheely's KI.

May 21[edit]

  • Victor Laxman manages to remotely activate Wheely's KI.
  • Wheely is alive and talking to her father over the KI. She reports that her friend Rosette is dead.
    • She and Rosette lied about the crack at the library to distract people so they could investigate the crack at the Kahlo Pub.
    • She found herself in a room with bahro carvings. Her Relto book was inoperative.
    • A bahro touched her Relto book.
    • She reported eyes watching her from the darkness and scratching sounds.
    • After saying a bahro was coming towards her, Wheely stopped talking for a while.
    • Later, she recontacted her father, apparently suffering the symptoms of dehydration.
    • At the suggestion of an explorer (Dr. Britcom Mom), Wheely draws the bahro symbol for 'water', which she knew as she had played Cyan's Myst V: End of Ages) in the dirt. The bahro 'takes' the drawing and goes back to watching her. Explorer K'laamas tries to teach her the D'ni phrase to ask for water.

May 22[edit]

  • The Relto page for the suns and moons appears in the museum.
  • The "lush" Relto page appears in Negilahn.
  • Reports indicate Sydney Austin damaged her Relto book and became trapped in Kadish Tolesa. KI contact was lost after she attempted to cross one of the support beams in the vault.
  • The DRC continues to dig for Wheely.
    • Wheely's KI turns on and she says she fell asleep, is no longer thirsty and the bahro are still watching her.
    • Her KI suddenly reports her as in Gahreesen, Kadish Tolesa and then Relto, then disappears again. Victor Laxman insists the signal never moved, however.
    • Michael Engberg links to the above Ages, presumably to search for Wheely.
  • Nick White tells explorers of a symbol found on a tree in Negilahn.
    • The symbol looks like a percent sign "%".
    • The symbol apparently doesn't show up in KI pictures.
    • A similar symbol was found on a wall during the rescue effort.
    • He also says that Sydney Austin was likely just doing a publicity stunt for attention and no harm came to her.
  • Nick White gets a message from Douglas Sharper that something is dragging away the urwin he had been watching.
    • Sharper referred to the urwin as "Peggy Sue".
    • Sharper has gone off to follow.
  • The DRC break through to Wheely.
    • They lower down a Linking Book. It is inoperative when it gets there.
    • Wheely says the bahro doesn't like when she draws symbols. It erases them.
    • The bahro with her makes a repetitive noise. She finally identifies it as the word "Noloben". It's getting increasingly agitated.
    • As rescue members begin to lower down Michael Engberg, Wheely cries out and then is silent. Michael is pulled out, despite his protests.
    • A ResEng is lowered down instead. He screams to be pulled out and reports that "She's still down there, but ... you don't want to see it."
    • Michael Engberg disappears. The DRC shuts down the area and falls back to private communications.
  • Nick White manages to access the private communications channel and reports details to explorers.
    • The ResEng is "a wreck."
    • He is too distraught to keep listening to the channel.
    • He says Sharper is late in returning and hurries off to Negilahn to search for him.
  • Marie Sutherland addresses explorers.
    • She confirms that Wheely is dead and that the collapse did not kill her.
    • She declines to pass along details, out of respect. However, she describes the scene as "horrific".
    • She confirms that the bahro symbol they discovered is gone.

May 23[edit]

  • Memorials and flowers are placed next to the crack. Michael Engberg sits quietly.
  • Cate Alexander gives a speech to all explorers.
    • Cate says that a structural integrity test has revealed no damage to the area, so all barriers are being removed.
    • Cate tells explorers to respect Michael because he's grieving.
    • Over the next several weeks, there will be investigations into the cause of damage and subsequent events.
    • Douglas Sharper still hasn't been heard from, which Cate is worried about given the events of yesterday.
  • Douglas Sharper returns and tells explorers of what he saw on Negilahn.
    • The predator that attacked the urwin was in fact a bahro.
    • It left the body shredded, but took the head.
    • It left an easy trail of blood which Sharper followed. After making his way to the urwin's head, he realized it was a trap. By his count, 30 bahro surrounded him and his Relto Book stopped working.
    • Then another lone bahro appeared, and shortly after, more bahro appeared everywhere, attacking everything. It was a war.
    • Sharper was able to link back to Relto when two separate bahro jumped on him to save him.
  • Michael Engberg wanders through several neighborhoods, obviously distressed, but saying little and not responding to others.
    • He goes to the city to sit by the flowers again. He whispers "Watson...", then uses the bahro stone to travel to the Descent, after which his KI signal disappears.
  • Dr. Kodama asks explorers if they knew where Michael Engberg went, because he is missing and isn't answering messages on his KI. He wonders if anyone can understand Engberg's grief.
  • The DRC sends out a KI message announcing that Michael Engberg is missing and ask that any details about him be passed onto them.

May 24[edit]

  • Cate Alexander sends out a KI message stating that the Minkata release party later this day will continue as planned.
  • A music player appears in the Kadish Gallery, which adds the Gallery music to the Relto cannen.
  • Rand Miller visits several neighborhoods and answers questions.
  • The Minkata book is placed in the library.

May 25[edit]

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