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From Guild of Archivists
Author unknown
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 2 began Unknown (Intangibles)[1]
Phase 4 began June 24, 2022
Released May 1, 2023

Kalamee is an Age originally listed for restoration on the DRC's website. It was suspended in August of 2001 by Dr. Watson. "Resources volatile" was the reason given for suspension. On September 30, 2006, the DRC voted 4–0 to suspend restoration again.

In 2022 the Age was picked up for restoration by explorer Semjay, and was opened to the public on May 1, 2023.


The valley in Kalamee was created by glaciation millions of years ago. The Neolithic Kalameeans built the stone circles and erected monoliths. They worshipped animal gods in a nearby cave and launched offerings into the void. They buried their dead in a burial mound located on the lower floodplain beside the waterfall.

There was a big storm and catastrophic flood. The earth mound and its contents were washed away leaving the stone structure of the quoit as seen today. It resembles a primitive version of some architectural features found in modern Garden Ages.

A Linking Book was written and the Age became part of D'ni. The Neolithic inhabitants were chased away and a curtain wall was built around the valley. The entrance to the cave was sealed. The Age was soon abandoned by the D'ni who saw little of value there.

Many years passed and eventually a father and daughter arrived and occupied the valley. They were farmers. The father sculpted animal forms from the ancient stones to entertain his daughter. After his death, his daughter reopened the cave and launched his body into the void.

When the DRC found the book to Kalamee, they updated the link-in point and constructed landing pads across the valley. In 2006 however they had to suspend the restoration.

In 2022, Semjay discovered the linking book. She settled in the house, bringing furniture and other items from home, and spent many months in the Age clearing the pathways, constructing weirs and repairing the observation posts, the dam and the house. She replanted trees and crops.

Eventually, the Age was declared safe for Explorers and opened to the community.[2]


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