Maintainer's Nexus

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Maintainer's Nexus
Author unknown
Connections Gahreesen

The Maintainer's Nexus is an Age that was used by the Guild of Maintainers as part of the Gahreesen Wall's training program.

Trainees who reached the top of the Wall were transported to this Nexus chamber automatically, at which point their Maintainer suit was removed. The room also contains a Book machine terminal which periodically reveals a single Linking Book. Because the Training Center which houses the Wall rotates, this Nexus is designed to only allow users to access the Book for a short period of time, to prevent them from linking into the wrong room. A small light appears over the Linking Book, indicating which team's room (yellow or purple) the user would be linking into when they used the Book. A monitor off to the side shows the remaining Wall players and the Wall's status.