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Name in D'ni negilan
Location Pod Age
Link-in point(s) Middle level, Pod 18
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 4 began January 7, 2004 (added to list)
Phase 5 began January 13, 2007
Released March 1, 2007

Negilahn is one of many observation pods in an unnamed "Pod Age", possibly used by the D'ni as a zoo or museum. The pod itself is often mistakenly referred to as "a Pod Age", although all known observation pods of this type exist in the same Age.

Geography and Environment[edit]

The environment is tropical. According to the Pod Age map released by the DRC, the Negilahn pod is one of two pods on the land mass of the same name. This particular pod is in a jungle or swamp, surrounded by trees and ferns. The area is host to a diverse array of plant and animal life[1]:

Negilahn Pod[edit]

The pod itself is typical of the style of pod, with a green hue. There is a large crack in the ceiling of the pod, and a vine from the trees outside has grown through the crack. It's labeled with a large D'ni "18" on the lower floor. The pod is solar powered, and houses spotlights which can be used for greater visibility and night-time viewing. Note that it is possible to drain the pod battery by constant use.

Restoration History[edit]

Initially, Negilahn appeared on the DRC's restoration list in Phase Four of when the cavern was closed to explorers in 2004. Negilahn was the first pod released by the DRC, on March 1, 2007. The Linking Book was placed in the museum in Ae'gura.

After the release of the Age, the DRC determined that the animal population in the area had dropped significantly. Initial investigations suggested an unusually active and vicious predator. The DRC asked Douglas Sharper to investigate, due to his experience as a hunter. He was sometimes assisted by Nick White.

While staking out a slaughtered urwin, Sharper discovered that bahro were hunting animals on the Pod Age and leaving their remains to be found. While tracking one of the bahro from the mutilated urwin corpse, Sharper was ambushed by a large group of bahro nekisahl, and would likely have been killed had another bahro not intervened.