Spy room

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Spy room
Location Ae'gura, D'ni

The Spy Room consists of a small space that almost seems etched from the Cavern wall, but is in fact a closed-off room in the Tokotah II building in Ae'gura. This room looks across Tokotah Alley onto the Tokotah I building, where the DRC used to hold their meetings during the 1997-2004 restoration effort.

Within the room is a telescope, fixed to look out into the specific room where the DRC used to meet. There is also a link to Phil Henderson's Relto, a small seat, a firemarble lantern, and Sharper's trademark hat. Prior to Sharper making it available to explorers for a second time in 2007, there was also a Linking Book to Sharper's study in Teledahn which was since removed.

History[edit | edit source]

2002-2004[edit | edit source]

View of the DRC Meeting Room

This room is where Douglas Sharper used to go to observe the DRC's council meetings in the Tokotah Building. Once Phil Henderson returned, the two used to use the room together, though what the exact purpose of their spying was is unclear.

2005-2008[edit | edit source]

During a conversation with explorers in the Watcher's Pub on September 9, 2007, Sharper suggested that he was considering opening up his old spy room as a possible refuge from a potential Bahro attack. Within a day, the Bahro stone that linked there was returned to its former hiding place in Teledahn.