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The Blue Marble (remastered).jpg
The Earth Age, as seen from space
Name in D'ni D'nE
Author Ri'neref
Written c. 73 BE

Earth or D'ni is the Age that Ri'neref wrote after his expulsion from the Guild of Writers of Garternay. He brought the Ronay who followed him to that Age and inhabited a Cavern far below the surface.

Earth's surface is inhabited by humans although in the years prior to the Fall, the D'ni were unsure whether the Age had sentient inhabitants until Anna discovered them. It is also the Age which the Stranger came from.

Linking books to Earth could be found in several Ages the D'ni traveled. Another linking book was also found in Terahnee for unknown reason.

Atrus also kept a green linking book to K'veer in Myst island.

As with other Ages, the term "Earth" is not consistent. Earth is actually the entire planet but is also used to denote the surface regions. Ri'neref and the D'ni referred to that Age as "D'ni" but this considered only the Cavern. The human portion of the world is also called "the surface" when referred to in contrast to the D'ni caverns.

Locations within the age include: